Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Time for Another

Here we are again, friends. We're here for another blog post. Wheee! Let's see...what did I want to talk about? Oh yes: BBQ and Google Chrome.

I can't talk about our BBQ Day Trip just yet. SORRY! It's just that only Noel has put up his documentation of the trip (he was one of the two designated photographers - I was the designated Tweeter, haha) and all of his pictures are in Sepia tones. I'm waiting for Devon to upload his pictures so I can have a more complete record. You know, for posterity! Plus, Devon took colour pictures and you need to be exposed to some of this stuff in the full spectrum. You'll see when we finally get it posted.

Google Chrome: OMFG. Chrome has this terrible tendency to not load any link the first time. Why is that? At first I thought it was just my computer being stupid, but I've received reports of this being a widespread problem. I like Chrome a lot, in general - the visual bit is nice, and some of the functions are exactly what I want in a browser: the way you can tear away tabs or add them to another window is right up my alley, for example. I JUST WISH it would fulfill the first, original purpose with any degree of frequency. That would really be great. SINCE BROWSING IS THE WHOLE POINT OF A BROWSER, NO?! Yes.

Does anyone else out there have Chrome, and if so: DOES IT WORK?

Stay tuned for the BBQ Tour post, y'all!

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