Monday, April 11, 2011

In Which Some Troubling Personality Defects Come to Light

I just took this personality test at the behest of my daily VSL email and this is my diagnosis:

Always happy in a crowd, you love to converse, to relate, and above all to have fun. You tend to think in a more holistic manner than many others. Like a crow you are attracted to shiny objects, new ideas, playful exciting colors and the thrill of a new personal relationship. You love to talk or gossip. You are highly invested in the reality of day-to-day life. Practicality is far more important than issues of honor or allegiance. You are a creature of the here and now. You are a natural multi-tasker, often switching mid-thought from one duty to another. You have a flair for presenting your personality in your work, and are known as a great storyteller and natural actor. You are very skilled at taking in a barrage of information and distilling what is most important from it. Naturally charming, you are quick to win new friends. Over stimulation is a danger.

Um...some of that is terrifyingly accurate for the kind of material that was covered; this is no OkCupid personality quiz, which is to say: I highly recommend taking this test if only to experience the sensation of staring at a star and a square in efforts to answer "Which of these shapes can control your mind?" If any of you know wtf was going on with that line of questioning, please get in touch and/or send me links to cray-cray psychological studies about shapes, colours, vibrations, and how they relate to the REVELATIONS OF THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I just took it and it was also scary accurate. Some of those shapes were super scary on their own, too.

david o said...

You are in a perpetual quest to find the new, the exciting. Emotionally volatile, you are known for sudden changes of opinion, of appreciation, and behavior. Following rules and established methods is difficult for you and the difficulties of higher education are usually quite daunting. Knowledge is best gained through an intimate association with the matter at hand. Usually driven by attitudes and desires of the group, you are talented in an established field of endeavor. Emotions come and go without a strong understanding of their causes. They are unexpected guests in an otherwise placid landscape. You live by your own codes of conduct, which can be noble or terrible depending on the individual. Authority is meaningless to you. You hate to be predictable, at all costs. Rarely verbally effusive, you can at times feel as if your feelings are too deep for words. You are very observant, but rarely express these observations to others.