Thursday, January 17, 2013


Do you guys buy Groupons? I mean...I know they're controversial but I forget why. I dunno man I just bought $200 worth of services for $35 (THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS) so I'll deal. Anyway at the bottom of Groupon pages they put these "witty" blurbs at the bottom and they're SO ANNOYING because the supposed hilarity of the text is very tempered by the fact that the content is WRONG. ALWAYS WRONG. I've already bitched about the one that they did about words Shakespeare invented (they included some words that Shakespeare DIDN'T invent AND gave faulty definitions for some words that he DID!). This one is in the same vein I guess...

What  bothers me about this is the fact that they include correct terminology but mix in INCORRECT TERMINOLOGY without labeling it as such! And people are SO STUPID already. The eggs as baby chickens one bothers me the most because it's so egregiously unfunny.

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