Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'll Sass YOUR Goodnight!

Kyle: :P i have to go back in five minutes.

what the hell was that

Kyle: bleh
is what it is.

me: no, what the hell was you using an emoticon?!

Kyle: i like how it's not a stern looking face.
it just looks like it's sick.

me: like...this? >:(

Kyle: (:P)

me: hahahaha

Kyle: sick guy in a sandwich!

me: i like watching them animate

Kyle: how come yours doesn't animate?

me: it's not an official gchat emoticon

Kyle: yours is just :( with a > over it.

me: X-(
that's the closest they get to angry
and i don't like that it has a nose

Kyle: >:)
my favorite is this:

me: hahaha i know it is
it always has been

Kyle: always has been.
oh man.
i couldn't love you more.
but i always try.

me: hahahahahahaha
i love you too.
we're so awesome.
i bet we're pretty insufferable
[long pause]
dude, i took a quiz to see what my special spy name would be, and guess what my results were? (they're awesome by the way)

Kyle: tell me one, and then i'm gone.

me: yay
my spy name is Sass Goodnight, my code name is Volcano
i live in Hong Kong

Kyle: oh my god.

me: and i'm a good spy because i'm a GOOD LOVER
isn't that AMAZING

Kyle: of course you are.
(Kyle rules at picking up random brownie points - ed.)


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