Friday, June 5, 2009

I would like to know more about College Weekend Workshop

This is completely what happens when you go away to college.

The College Casualty from Mark Nauroth on Vimeo.

Hahaha. Did she not go home over Thanksgiving or Christmas? What kind of parents are they (besides the kind who completely ignore the fact that their daughter shows up heavily pregnant in favor of offering her some cookies [her boyfriend seems pretty excited about those cookies too...but doesn't seem to care that while he was waiting for Kim, she obviously wasn't waiting for him])? The people over at Videogum made a good observation in pointing out that if she really did turn Crazy Liberal at college, Kim wouldn't have gotten pregnant. She'd have gotten an abortion - straight up. But that's only if she didn't go lesbian.
Also, what's her problem with her name? "Kim" is a guy's name, too (supposedly). It's not like she was named Little Susie or something really fruity like that.
I also really enjoy the fake tattoo sleeves - I saw a pair of these on the subway in LA once and just laughed my fucking ass off, though the perpetrator in LA knew well enough to cover the wrist end of those arm-hose with an arm band.

(via Videogum)


Marion said...

hahahaha, why do they make her boyfriend look like a complete imbecile? i mean, aren't his life choices the one's they're supposedly trying to promote?

Marion said...
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