Saturday, February 27, 2010


It is not very often that my optimism charge gets a boost these days, especially since there have been earthquakes all around the world AND in Oklahoma all week and
2. ALL WEEK, and
3. Why was I not notified?
However, I need to thank someone for doing me just that favor: Johnny Weir gave me a hug with words, by recently saying the following (in response to commentators saying he wasn't enough of a man, apparently!):
"There's a whole generation of people that aren't defined by their sex or their race or by who they like to sleep with. I think as a person you know what your values are and what you believe in, and I think that's the most important thing."
- Johnny Weir

Man, it really seems like it's always the gays doing something great for the world and straight people FUCKING IT UP AGAIN. I mean, I know that's unfair, but when was the last time some prominent gay guy called someone a "retard" or took away someone else's civil rights? Maybe it's because they see all the other downtrodden folks as members of their extended Family of Misery, but if that were it, women would be able to shut the fuck up occasionally too. But no: Ask Ann Coulter, or Sarah Palin, or Dina Lohan, or all the other dumb bitches in the universe who are consistently failing to Just Leave it Alone. LEAVE IT ALONE. LEAVE EVERYONE ALONE. This should not be a difficulty, and remains so.

Also: Thanks, Fug Girls, for showing me that quote.

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