Monday, March 1, 2010

First World Problems

I dropped my Blackberry at the bar on Saturday and the trackball fell out. I was going to call T-Mobile today to get a replacement sent to my house (I've been paying for insurance on this phone for like two years now so I'm pretty sure it would be free...or something), but yesterday someone told me about this phone repair shop that replaces trackballs! Of course, the fee for replacing the trackball is greater than the fee to get the whole phone replaced, but there's a lot of information on my phone that I don't want to lose: appointments, text messages, notes to self (lately I've been working on a series of notes called "Restaurants" wherein I compare the various restaurants I want to try and the ones I HAVE tried), etcetera. And that information, plus the opportunity cost of having to put in all that information again, is worth about the $50 it will cost me to repair the phone rather than having it replaced outright. Does any of that make sense? Okay.

RELATED: At that same event on Saturday, a random dude cornered me in the men's bathroom line (I can't remember why I was there) and told me that the guys I was with couldn't possibly appreciate how awesome I am - which, of course, begs the question: How could he appreciate how awesome I am? At this point, all he was actually appreciating was the shape of my ass, which...yes, as a matter of fact, I can turn any compliment around and stab you in the face with it, why?
ANYWAY, instead of going with the usual "I don't give out my phone number because YOU MEN CAN'T BE TRUSTED with that information" or the slightly less common "I have a boyfriend" (I prefer to let guys think it's not my unavailability, but rather my being completely repulsed by them, that's keeping us apart), I told him: "Look me up on my website instead! WWW.NEUTICLES.COM" And yes, I had to spell it out for him. God I'm so excited about that, I wish I could be there when he checks to find out all about Neuticles. NEW POLICY: ALWAYS GIVE THEM THE NEUTICLES.

In other news, February is over, and thus, so is my commitment to NaBloPoMo. I think I'll take March off (though I will still post occasionally this month, don't worry), since this is the month of Spring Break and...yeah. I don't really intend on being around a computer that much (we'll see how that plays out...honestly I think it could go either way).
Hey! It's MARCH. 12 more days until Spring Break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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