Friday, July 30, 2010

Facebook Reveals All

Devon: republicans are trying to make it so nothing gets done and then they can blame the inaction on the democrats
thats it, im moving to motherfucking mexico

Me: mexico, eeewwww

Devon: better than this stagnating shitfuck

Me: let's go to monaco
that way we can just like lay around on the beach and not pay taxes and drink all day

Devon: yessss

Me: our only expenses will be firefly vodka and prosciutto

Devon: hahahahahaha yesssss

Me: and clothes and shoes
and smokes
and internet

Devon: and suntan lotion
and bentleys
and french bulldogs
and one pet chinchilla

Me: hahahahahaha
one french bulldog and one chinchilla

I know, it sounds frivolous. He's right, though: I would need Bentleys. And a chinchilla. I mean, what's the point of living otherwise, right?

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