Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So it's been a while. Because I broke my laptop (it overheated lots of times in a row, go figure) and somehow typing these posts on my parents' desktop PC just didn't feel right. The good news is I got a new laptop.


Yesterday I started my senior year of college. All summer I felt pretty calm about it, but the more I think about how close I am to the finish line, the more excited I get. I'm a geek. This semester I'm taking Dante (with a fave professor), Abnormal Psychology (which I already know will be hilarious - Excuse me, Professor? When are we going to learn how to diagnose Autism? Just kidding, all my friends are case studies so I'm pretty much an expert, no big deal), Irish Literature (I have to take an English elective and my other favourite prof is teaching this one, so...hell yeah), and some bullshit for my Finance minor. UGH. Next semester promises to be even more fun - this is my last Finance requirement, so basically it's going to be my thesis, Spanish II (after taking it for 7 years in middle school, high school, and my first college), and two other electives.

Being a senior is pretty much going to rule, except for the small, nagging fact that I'm all slated to take the GMAT this semester. So that means studying, prep courses, Pepto Bismol, and lots and lots of questioning my chosen path in life.

So what did you miss while I was a Luddite? Not much, since I was on Twitter like crazy, but:

This summer was pretty much one of the most darkly, emotionally turbulent periods of my life, for reasons I can't/won't go into here, but I have to say that I feel I've come out of the forest now. I have a great boyfriend who is just what I need and pretty much always what I want. My parents and I seem to have quietly reached a shared mantra ("Stay Calm"). My best friends are all happy - even Marion! I got an awesome haircut a couple days ago that looks just as good messy as it does all done up. Oh, and...I turned 24 in July, so stay tuned for when my elderly old bones crumble into dust and blow away in the wind. I don't think you'll wait long - we are, after all, in the throes of hurricane season.

The most pervasive feeling I have tonight, though, is that of optimism. I feel as though I am on the brink of a psychological breakthrough, something that will really, truly make me feel Grown Up, or at least...less of a constant, tossing mess. I wonder what it will be.

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